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Featuring hundreds of gourmet coffees from Hawaii, Maui, Moloka'i and more!

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Black & Decker CBM210 Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Mill/Grinder

Dial adjusts so you can set the texture exactly how you want – from very fine Turkish blend to coarse percolator grind. Dual safety mechanism ensures that unit will not operate unless top cover is closed and ground coffee receptacle is in place.

Aloha Island Kona Estate Blend Coffee Pods 18ct

Aloha Island Estate Blend Kona Medium Roast Coffee Pods 18ct box makes 18 individual servings of sweet, mild-bodied medium roast coffee from Aloha Island Coffee Pods.

Aloha Island Kona Island Hazelnut Coffee Pods 18ct

Aloha Island Hazelnut Kona Dark Roast Coffee Pods 18ct box can make 18 individual servings of smoky-sweet, complex dark roast coffee from Aloha Island Coffee Pods.

Aloha Island Kona Chocolate Paradise Coffee Pods 18ct

Aloha Island Chocolate Paradise Kona Dark Roast Coffee Pods 18ct box can make 18 individual servings of decadent chocolate flavored coffee from Aloha Island Coffee Pods.

Tassimo Gevalia 15% Kona T-Discs - 32 Count

Tassimo Gevalia 15% Kona T-Discs - 32 Count

Aloha Island Coffee KONA-POD, Estate Blend Medium Roast, Kona & Hawaiian Coffee Blend, 36-Count Coffee Pods

Aloha Island Coffee, Kona Smooth Estate Blend, Hawaiian Blend Coffee Pods brew an outstanding cup of rich Medium Roast coffee with your single-serve pod coffee brewer (all makes including Senseo, Bunn, Melitta etc.) or your Keurig K-cup brewer (for Single serve cups for Keurig K-Cup Brewers use the Aloha Island My Pod-Cup Adapter, availalbe at Amazon). We custom blend our pure Hawaiian Coffee with our hand selected private estate Organic Arabica coffee and carefully roast to perfection to protect the natural mellow but rich quality of this wonderful coffee. Perfect for any time of day, Estate Blend is ideal for everyone who enjoys a rich yet soothing cup of coffee. And with the no-mess convenience of coffee pods. Each coffee pod is sealed in an airtight pouch to protect freshness indefinitely.

Caza Trail Coffee, Kona Blend, 24 Single Serve Cups, 9.73 Oz

At Caza Trail we make delicious single serve coffee and tea beverages that are compatible with your first generation Keurig K-Cup Brewer. Wherever fine coffee and tea is cultivated – that’s where we’re on the hunt! Our pursuit of the perfect cup takes us from the hills of Asia to the mountains of South America…and myriad places in between. Our coffee and tea tasters have the keen sensibilities needed for evaluating the finest varietal tastes and just the right aromas. They know where to hunt for it, they know when they’ve found it, and they know how to keep the quality intact from harvest to cup. At Caza Trail, we’re dedicated to offering the most delicious varieties and flavors we can find, to ensure that for every mood and any time of day, your hunt for a rich, captivating cup will always be successful. With each cup, you’ll taste the care and quality that goes into Caza Trail products and the unique essences we capture in every sip. Treasure their flavor and aroma and enjoy!

Hualalai Estate- 100% PREMIUM Kona Coffee - Medium-Dark Roast 7oz (GROUND)

This organic 100% Kona Coffee has been aged for at least 2 years, creating a smoother, richer, and less acidic coffee with more complex flavors, rivaling the famed Kona Peaberry and in some cases preferred by taste-testers. This is a limited quality item.

Hawaiian Espresso Coffee - 8 ounce bag

Savor our dark roasted beans in a single or double shot espresso or as the "gusto" of a café latte, mocha, cappuccino or café Americano!

Malulani Estate Coffee - 8 ounce bag

A rich-bodied, medium roast coffee with a mild acidity, complemented with a luscious hint of chocolate.

Island Princess Coffee - 8 ounce bag

An arabica coffee flavored with premium Hawaiian-grown vanilla beans.

Muleskinner Coffee - 8 ounce bag

A natural-dried arabica coffee roasted to a rich, dark finish. A hearty coffee for the true coffee lover, with a husky, yet smooth, full-bodied taste. 2011 Cupping Profile: One of our best dark roast offerings grown to date. Ideal, drier than normal harvest conditions allowed consistent, quality over-ripening of cherries on the trees and a controlled in-husk aging after harvest. The result? A bold and nutty cup, with a hint of spice, and a rich, lingering mouthfeel.

Pohaku O Ka'anapali Coffee - 8 ounce bag

100% Maui Red Catuai arabica coffee beans, custom roasted at our Kualapu'u plantation with a Moloka'i interpretation. A medium roast coaxes out a subtle Maui attitude. Balanced with hints of spice. This coffee is the lightest roast we offer.

100% Maui Mokha Coffee - 8 ounce bag

A very pronounced taste with subdued acidity, complex wine and chocolate tones. Described as nutty, malty, spicy and exotic. These small beans yield a superbly aromatic and unique flavor. Don't be deceived by their small size!

Cafe Classics Coffee Pods, Kona Blend, 15-Count (Pack of 3)

Freshly brewed coffee or tea anytime at all with Café Classics myriad of pod choices, Origin, roast, blends, black, herbal & green tea. We have a pod for you. Pod perfection is our pursuit.

Aloha Island Coffee Company Diamond II, Luxurious Estate Kona Coffee Blend, 8-Ounce Box

Our DIAMOND is a luxurious, artisan handcrafted organic Kona Coffee Blend (8 oz Whole Bean). Our DIAMOND is part of our Edition II product line of superb Kona Coffee Blends. We painstakingly blend our 100% Pure Kona Coffee with our hand-selected estate Hawaiian and Tropical coffee and carefully roast to a delicate level that preserves the extraordinary qualities of this superb coffee. Our DIAMOND is very smooth, very well-rounded and has a depth of flavor that will please the true coffee aficionado. This selection is superb for dessert service.

Hualalai Hawaiian Coffee Dark Roast Estate Grown (Whole Bean)

Our price-conscious coffee, these beans are grown as Kona coffee, but once milled, are too small to make our cut to be called Kona Coffee. The beans are smaller, but because they are separated from Kona Coffee before roasting, they are given their own roasting techniques to bring out their own unique flavors. This Hawaiian coffee is significantly better than most other Hawaiian coffees out there because it was grown in Kona where the climate and soil produces a more flavorful coffee. Compare our Hawaiian coffee to any other Hawaiian coffee and notice the remarkable differences.