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Kona Coffee Reviews

Kona Coffee K-Cups and Pods: The Ultimate Guide

Kona Coffee K-Cups and Pods

The Best Kona Coffee K-Cups, Pods and More The prevalence of single-serve coffee makers has been rapidly growing for the past couple of years. It’s easy to see why: you pop in one k-cups, or pod, and out comes your favorite coffee. But what about kona coffee lovers? It can …

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Best Kona Coffee

what is the best kona coffee brand

Our Picks for the Best Kona Coffees. Updated for As a blog about all things coffee, the question people ask us the most is this: “what’s the best brand of kona coffee?”. It’s a simple and fair question, and yet we have trouble answering it.Why? For one, it depends on …

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Starbucks 100% Kona Coffee: Review

starbucks reserve kona coffee review

Starbucks Kona Coffee Review: Updated February 2015 What a wonderful surprise this is from Starbucks. When the first batch of Kona Private Reserve sold out so quickly, I wondered if we would ever see it again. Kona is a tiny coffee growing region when compared to others. Starbucks has released …

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Hualalai Estate Peaberry Coffee Review

hualalai estate peaberry kona coffee review

Welcome to my Hualalai Estate Peaberry Coffee Review A heart-warming story enhances a tasty coffee The story of how Hualalai Estate Coffee came to be makes this coffee worth the price of admission as it is. It started with a local Kona math teacher named Joel Cooperson. He started growing …

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Kona Mountain Coffee Review

Kona Mountain Coffee Review

Welcome to My Kona Mountain Coffee Review: A must-see stop for any coffee (and chocolate!) lover. When you’re driving from the airport to Kona, it’s hard to miss the Kona Mountain Coffee storefront. Perched on top of a hill next to the highway (with the ocean on the otherside), it …

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Koa Coffee Review: Kona Peaberry

koa kona coffee reviews - peaberry coffee

Koa’s Kona Peaberry Coffee: Rating: Aroma: 4.5 Acidity 4.9 Body 4.0 Aftertaste: 5.0 Overall: 4.85 Koa Coffee Review: About the Coffee The Koa Coffee Plantation is actually a relatively new coffee plantation, founded in 1997 by Marin and Cathy Artuckovich. The Artuckovich family runs the coffee plantation (I’ve found that …

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Redbird Kona Coffee Review: A Citrusy Smooth Coffee

redbird kona coffee review

I Happened upon Redbird Kona Coffee by Chance: I bought some of the Redbird coffee in a Foodland as an impulse buy. I tend to grab coffees the way other people will grab a People Magazine when they’re in a grocery store. I noticed that there was a seal on …

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