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Me Being Dorky at Anaehoomalu Bay

About Matt

In 2008,

I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, Lisa. She’s always loved Hawaii and thought of it as a far away place that we’d never get to go. We just finished university and “poor” doesn’t start to explain where we were.

I saved every cent of the tips I earned as a Barista at Starbucks and put it all away.

In ten months I had $1700, and I surprised her with a trip to Kona.

tip jar matthew simpson, kona coffee buzz

But that wasn’t the end of the surprises. That morning I ordered some kona coffee, knowing nothing about it, and when I took that first sip…oh boy. Sometimes you just know you’re life is going to never be the same. This was one of those moments.

anaehoomalu bay sunset, matthew simpson, kona coffee buzz

Only Blog Your Passions

I firmly believe that the only way to live a fulfilling life is to do what you’re passionate about, and what you admire. I love Hawaii, the culture, the gourmet coffee and would like to live there one day soon. But for now I seek to show people what Kona Coffee is all about: it’s history, it’s different classes, and different regions.

If you’re new to the site, check out the Beginner’s Guide to Kona Coffee, where I lay out all the different types, and answer the most frequently asked questions about Kona Coffee.

If you want to know what type of Kona Coffee to buy, there’s always the Bestselling Kona Coffee list, which is updated every two weeks.

Feel free to contact me for any reason, even to say hi (especially to say hi).
I also have a headphones blog called Classical Music Headphones, where I look at headphones for lovers of classical music.


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  1. Hey Matt,
    Your website has enlightened me into getting a burr grinder, ordering from Koa Coffee(and others). I NEVER in my life enjoyed brewing drip pot coffee until I got a few bags of Kona from a roadside farm-now I’m addicted!!! Thanks for all the work you do on this site-it’s made my coffee enjoyment much much richer!

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